Distinctive Sacred Art

 Creator Mundi USA is your guide to a select group of

 artisans in Germany who design and then cast in bronze distinctive sacred gifts.

Encounter the beauty of the sacred in the workshops and bronze foundries of the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach and Butzon & Bercker.


The Creator Mundi – Distinctive Sacred Art & Gifts

However, the original legacy and mission of Hildegard Letbetter, the founder of Creator Mundi, to provide distinctive sacred gifts to discerning Retail and Non-Profit customers in the U.S. continues…

Creator Mundi USA is now the North American representative of two German bronze foundries: the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach and Butzon & Bercker.

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 Sacred Symbols

To celebrate , To consecrate,

To honor , To inspire,

To encourage, To empower,

To console, To give thanks,

To create sacred spaces in our world.

About Us

Joanie Zagorsky


 No longer a brick-and mortar gallery, Creator Mundi USA (www.creatormundiusa.com) is now owned by Joanie Zagorsky and has become an on-line e-commerce. This transition allows more individuals a way to locate and purchase distinctive sacred gifts.

Creator Mundi USA (Mundi is Latin for “Creator of the World”) not only strives to address the interests and needs of Catholics but speaks in a truly ecumenical fashion to Christians worldwide, allowing all who wish to profess religious traditions a place of respect and honor.

The Creator Mundi collection focuses on quality of design and materials with culturally authentic religious art and gifts crafted by skilled artisans. This type of art emerges from religious and culturally authentic sources, artists, and monasteries, and is usually born out of the artists’ unique spiritual journey. To keep this type of art culturally authentic, it is not mass produced. Once an artist’s idea is crafted into a form, each bronze piece becomes a custom sand cast that is compressed into a mold that can withstand the heat and pressure from 1200 degrees of molten bronze. Each piece is then tumbled and sanded, patina added, and finally polished by goldsmiths, bringing the artists’ vision to life. Artisans who create bronze crosses and plaques apprentice three years to learn the Old-World techniques. Each piece is carefully touched by at least a dozen pairs of hands. This process allows the customer to experience the weight and quality of each piece. The inspirational and genuine beauty of our pieces draws you in and allows you to connect meaning to your own life.

Celebrate meaningful milestones and the Catholic and Christian sacraments with heirloom quality gifts from our Creator Mundi Collection.